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Atelier Sorelline From Maison Fratello.

A family story.

Welcome to the world of Atelier Sorelline, a story woven with passion, family and European inspiration. Founded by Matilda and Ornella, two sisters united by their love of fashion and cultural heritage, our womenswear brand embodies the essence of retro Parisian chic and '80s Italian elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the Dolce Vita, Atelier Sorelline and Maison fratello create timeless collections that celebrate the art of living that is both sophisticated and carefree. Each piece tells a story, capturing the spirit of a bygone era while remaining decidedly modern and timeless.

Our company stands out for its commitment to quality, ethics and the environment. We pay close attention to every step of our production process, ensuring that our partners meet high standards in working conditions and environmental impact.

We believe in sustainable fashion, where style and responsibility go hand in hand.

As a concept store, we also offer a carefully chosen selection of brands that share our values and aesthetic. Every product we offer is the result of careful research, ensuring our customers have an enriching and inspiring shopping experience.

At Atelier Sorelline and maison fratello, we believe in the power of creativity, collaboration and social consciousness.

Join us on our journey to redefine fashion, one timeless piece at a time.


Maison Fratello, a clothing brand authentic to our family heritage. In tribute to our beloved grandparents, Luigi and Maria.

Who passed on to us the love of our Bella Napoli.

Each piece tells a story, that of our family, our culture, and the vibrant soul of Naples.

Established in Toulouse, France, Maison Fratello is the fruit of our Franco-Italian roots. Our desire is to introduce our customers to the essence of Naples through unique and timeless collections. Each garment is designed with care, with a focus on authenticity and sustainability.

We strongly believe in ethical fashion. This is why our collections are developed only to order, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. Our raw materials are chosen with the greatest care: organic and recycled fabrics, certified by ecological labels.

Our offices in Toulouse are a place of creativity and sharing.

The shootings for our collections are carried out as a family, reflecting our commitment to authentic and sincere values. Each photograph, each staging, captures the very essence of our history and our love for fashion.

Maison Fratello is more than a brand, it is a journey to the heart of Naples, an immersion in a family heritage, and a commitment to environmentally friendly fashion. Join us on this adventure and discover pieces that combine tradition, modernity and respect for our planet.

We have chosen to base our production mainly in Portugal and for t-shirts in Bangladesh for its local cotton production.

Our partner factories ensure good working conditions for workers and product quality. We have taken care to select partners certified by organizations such as SEDEX, BSCI, WRAP to ensure the application and respect of social and ethical rules.

Our goals

Our collections

Zero surplus.

We want to fight against overproduction and overconsumption.

Each item offered is made for pre-order.

Only ordered parts are produced.

Objective: zero overproduction.

Our engagements


Our shipments are sent in bags made from recycled materials.

Our production workshops for the creations are in Toulouse, we will collect our deliveries ourselves to limit our carbon footprint.

None of our products come with plastic.

Our labels


Most of our parts are labeled

OEKO-TEX: STANDARD 100 certificate issued by OEKO-TEX - Accreditations No. CQ 1007/7 and No. CQ 1007/8. Guarantees the absence of harmful substances or substances that could present a risk to health and the environment.

GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard. The strictest certification in organic fiber textiles, from harvesting raw materials to ecologically and socially responsible manufacturing. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate is issued by Ecocert Greenlife, License No. 165651.

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