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Our universe

Atelier Sisters Creators

From Atelier Sorelline to Maison Fratello, from Naples to retro chic Paris.







Our history



Atelier Sorelline is the story of two sisters, Ornella and Matilda. Our story began in childhood with a shared passion for fashion.

Atelier Sorelline, Atelier de petites soeurs, a name that can be explained by our Franco-Italian origins.

Franco-Italian, more precisely from the Naples region near the Amalfi coast.



The love of our two countries and cultures inspires us, as do iconic Italian and French actresses and singers

such as Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren, Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, but also our style icons, our two grandmothers Maria and Arlette.


We're steeped in both French and Italian retro chic, which we pass on in our collections, but above all in our approach to offering timeless pieces.





Our mixed range



Maison Fratello, meaning Maison Frère, comes from the same family as Atelier Sorelline.

Our story tells of our shared passion for fashion, that of two sisters, Ornella and Matilda.

Ornella and Matilda, a name that reflects our Franco-Italian origins, more precisely from the Naples region, near the Amalfi coast.

Maison Fratello is an invitation to travel between timeless menswear and the Italian dolce vita.


Our collections

Our partners



The collections created by atelier sorelline.

Our guiding principle is to create collections using existing resources.

We work with Spanish design offices in the city of Seville.

Part of the production is then carried out on site, and another part in Morocco.


The idea was to reduce the carbon impact of deliveries and to work in the EuroMed zone as much as possible.

This choice was also made to offer you quality products at a fairer price, for you and for us.


To combat waste and surplus raw materials.



The fabrics we choose for our collections are no longer used by our production company.

so we try to bring them back to life.



Each model is made in a different quantity, so as to use up every remaining piece of fabric, and our staff cut into the fabric in such a way as to waste as little as possible, which then determines the production quantity of the models.



In the concept store collections, you'll also find a selection of pieces in line with our brand image.

Selected pieces, unearthed with amore, and the dolce vita mixed with Parisian retro chic of the 70s.


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